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Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti

Stradello Nava 6, Modena (MO), ITALY


NEWS: Due to organizational reasosn, the home-museum will be closed on Wednesday JULY 11.

Casa Museo PavarottiThe residence of Master Pavarotti was finished in 2005; It is located in the area that he had acquired in the mid-eighties. In that same area Pavarotti has dedicated himself to his passion for horses, building and opening a riding school. Since 1991, for 11 years, the Master has hosted in his estate a prestigious show jumping competition (CSIO), attended by the most famous show-jumpers of the international horse riding circuit. The villa has been designed following the instructions and drawings that the tenor gave to the architects and engineers who have supervised the construction. Many artifacts have been made by blacksmiths, carpenters, carvers, decorators from all over Italy who have created unique products. Even today his home reflected in every detail the personality of the one who conceived it. The house keeps personal items that he loved and contains the memories of his days spent in the company of family, friends and young students. The visit to this house will will enable visitors to experience Pavarotti in the light of its most intimate and warm rooms, to approach gently to his memory knowing his daily habits, finding the man he was once behind the scenes. You will especially enjoy the costumes so dear to him, pictures and videos that have marked his great artistic career, the countless awards and awards in a career of over forty years in opera houses around the world.


Individual tours

The Luciano Pavarotti home-museum will be closed on December 24, 25 and 26 and on January 1 and 2, 2017


Every day from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Full Price                                      euro 8.00
Reduced                                       euro 6.00
(over 65 and since 18 years old)

Free admission (under 12 years old)

The app "Pavarotti" is available for free download to guide you during the tour.

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How to get to the Museum

The Museum is in Modena (Italy), Stradello Nava, 6.


Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti
Stradello Nava, 6 - Modena (MO) - ITALY
Phone: +39 059460778

Fondazione Luciano Pavarotti
Via 63ma Brigata Bolero 31 40033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO)
Phone: +39 051570314
P. IVA 02880491200 C. F. 91300090379